To the title credit, formality matters. So, yes, the look of your stationery, especially for a business, matters as much as the message within the envelope. Audiences will judge the validity of your business based on what you show them. Good stationery is a sign that you’ve spent time consciously deciding to make a good impression.

When you use nice stationery, you are putting your business forward. That stationery becomes your carrier, the one thing standing between your brand and a prospective audience. This is where something like envelope printing in Evanston comes in handy. Investing in your stationery is essentially investing in the future and success of your business.

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Here are two suggestions for how to make your business stationery stand out!

Reflect Some of Your Personal Style in Colors but Keep it Professional!

Your business is yours because it’s your essence that built it. Ergo, you can showcase some of your personality with your favorite colors. For instance, if you love ocean blue, that particular color represents change and calm. It’s professional enough for stationery while bold and vibrant enough to represent who you are, personally.

Never Ever Use Comic Sans or Another Font That Isn’t Taken Seriously

Some fonts, while fun, are unprofessional. Comic Sans, for instance, is great for kids and perhaps a child-friendly business, but not many people will take the font seriously. It’s not memorable. Stick with professional fonts, such as Arial or Times New Roman, to convey a simple, crisp message. Your stationery should be clean and respective with a succinct, precise message.

Stationery matters. It’s a fact of business. Your stationery styles should reflect who you are as a business and brand, allowing an audience to see what makes you shine. Design stationery with purpose!